In addition to what Indie Lab offers, our current arrangement with Hack.RVA allows access to numerous additional resources.  Please visit www.hackrva.org for more information.


    Indie Lab currently has most basic solvent phase synthesis and extraction equipment:

  • 5′ chemical fume hood
  • Rotary evaporator and water bath
  • Refrigerated vapor trap
  • 5-port, dual input Schlenk Line
  • Multiple Vacuum pumps
  • D.I. Water system
  • Ultrapure Water system (needs bulb)
  • Heating mantles, 25mL, 100mL and 1.00L round bottle
  • J-Kem Type J and K temperature controllers
  • Stirring hotplates
  • Staco Variable Transformers
  • pH meters
  • Standard glassware
  • Distillation assemblies
  • Vacuum filtration systems
  • High speed, refrigerated swing bucket centrifuge


  • 8′ Biological Isolation Hood
  • CO2 Water Jacketed Incubator
  • -85oC Freezer
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Perkin Elmer PCR
  • Shaking water bath
  • D.I. Water system
  • Mini Vortexer
  • Ultrasonic water bath
  • Microcentrifuge

Analytical Instruments

  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 9 UV-VIS-NIR
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 40 UV-VIS
  • Shimadzu QP5050A GC-MS
  • HP Series II 1090 HPLC
  • Waters prepLC HPLC


  • Signal generators
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Soldering Station

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