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The following documents must be submitted when joining Indie Lab:

Liability Waiver

In order to satisfy membership and safety compliance, the following trainings must be completed within 2 calendar weeks of the date of an application being accepted:

Bylaws Compliance (coming soon)
Minimum Safety Training (coming soon)

Membership Categories:
Full descriptions of each category can be found in the bylaws.  All members are eligible to vote in membership meetings or in any forum in which official votes occur. All members are granted universal access to the laboratory consistent with the level of training achieved and membership classification.

1)  Student member:
Any member under the age of 18 that wishes to gain hands-on experience as an educational enhancement.  These members are not provided with the opportunity to perform their own, independent research without approval by the board.
Fee: $75.00/month

2)  Starving Scientist:
Any member that either 1) does not possess the economic means to pay full membership dues, 2) joins only for educational purposes, 3) joins to aid in other members’ research projects, but not their own; or 4) have an idea for a project but lack sufficient training to effectively begin work on that project. “Effectively begin” refers to performing any bench work outside of basic sample preparation.
Fee: $25.00/month

3)  Full member:
Any individual person that joins Indie Lab to establish or with an established research project, and possesses 1 or more relevant skills necessary to perform that work. Relevant skills include but are not limited to training on complex scientific instruments, performing data analysis, possession of a degree in a scientific or engineering field, etc.
Fee: $50.00/month

Fee sign-up:
Please visit the following link.

Membership categories and fees: